2 Tier Corner Shelves

We have a pretty large dining room that I am slowly trying to figure out. Window treatments, large wall, dining room chairs, etc, carpet, all up in the air right now. I dream of panelling the far wall, I feel that would dress it up and fill some of the height. We have high ceilings and things look small even when they are not.

In any case, I bought this corner cabinet from a very nice lady down the street and went about trying to match it ‘approximately’ to the beautiful buffet on the other side of the room. Another project I will show you this week.

Here is the corner cabinet as was.

Corner Shelves 2 Tier

And the finished project.


Corner Shelves Before/After

I always use MMSMP (Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint) because I am obsessed with her and I love her products. She is basically the rockstar of milk paint. I mixed 2 parts Shutter grey to 1/2 part French Enamel. I put on 2 coats. The first coat is always messy but the second coat almost always gives a very uniform finish. I distressed (which is my favourite part) and finished with a mix of mostly regular wax (also from her line) and a touch of white wax (yup this one too) for a barely white wash finish. I intentionally left the top of the bottom tier as it was, its actually 2 pieces, to call out the distressed parts. I am thrilled with the results.

It really filled out the corner perfectly, filling the height. The clock helps obviously.

Now what to do with the rest of the space?


Journal Entry 1

I was thinking about what my intention is with writing this blog. Do I have a long term vision, do I have a plan? Because I don’t have that much free time (married, 3 young children, work part time, workout like a crazy girl) and time management has become a little bit of an issue as of late. I had to get clear on my agenda, and my desires and focus on making those things a reality. Instead of just tinkering around, I needed to get clear. I will always move the furniture around. I always have and always will. There is something therapeutic about it for me. I will always paint furniture. Even just to see it go to someone else’s home. And I will always browse Pinterest and Houzz for hours completely absorbed into other peoples creativity and imagination.

The answer so far is that I enjoy putting myself out there. Maybe I am not brave enough yet to admit out loud what my deepest desire is. But I am working on it. And I hope you enjoy my projects in the meantime.

Antique Sideboard Re-Do

It’s almost as if I do it purposely to paint furniture that I want to keep in my home. This piece more than any other is giving me a hard time with that.

I found this very pretty vintage/antique sideboard table from ‘grandmas house’. Not my grandma mind you… layered in laquer and in need of some love. I stripped the top and used a very light coat of wood stain in a medium brown, wanting to showcase the natural appearance of the wood. I finished the top in hemp oil.
The body is painted in a milk pain, a light blue/grey. A mix of MMSMP’s. It is heavily distressed to really accent a vintage feel. I finished the body with a mixture of white and natural furniture wax to protect the colour. And to finish, I changed the knobs to glass. It was just right for this piece. I left the inside in its original state. Time may have left come marks and defaults on the wood, showing its previous life.  But, I think its something that adds the character and charm to this style of living.

The finished product was better than I could of expected. It was really layered in laquer…

Decided that I loved it in our dining room so I’ve been hesitant to put it ‘out there’. I keep having to deal with this. I think that its party because we’ve moved and I am missing some pieces. So there is room to play so to speak.

Anyway, not the worst kind of problems.


Here’s the before:


And the after:







Display Cabinet Re-do



I was offered this gorgeous antique display cabinet and I did not hesitate for even a second. It actually fits wonderfully into my dining room, but I will be letting it go…

It is painted in MMSMP with a mix of French Enamel(1) and Trophy(2). It really pulls out a green hue in the right light, and I absolutely love it.

It was an easy piece to work with, absolutely no priming and not very much sanding. The grain of the wood just made it a joy.

I finished it in a mix of regular wax and white wax and it was exactly how I envisioned it when I first started. I’m a very happy camper.

If I can admit to you, that I wouldn’t be all that upset if no one wanted to buy it… But… the deal with the hubby was that I could have one piece in the house at a time. Waiting for the right moment to renegotiate that one!


Greater Montreal Area $400

Bedside Tables Recap

Finally having finished those bedside tables allowed me to take a sigh of relief.  I was worried about them. One of the tables was giving me a little bit of a problem keeping the paint, chipping too much for my liking. I took a break and went back with a fresh head and they finally turned out beautifully. 


The big move is a couple of short weeks away and I am really leaning on putting these into my oldest daughters room. My plan now is to figure out how to make them fit while keeping it age appropriate (She’s 5 after all). I have some ideas that include the new MMS milk paint ‘Apron Strings’. Looking forward to finding the right vintage piece to tie it all in.

Next on the queue is an ‘ikea hack’. When we first moved in 5 years ago, we bought quite a few ikea pieces to help sort the toys, etc… Fast forward to now and they really don’t fit our style but they are in excellent condition. I’m trying something fun with one of the bigger pieces, i’ll post pictures of my project early next week. I ran out of milk paint tonight and have to wait for the delivery. Gives me some free time to finish up other projects.

Stay tuned for the big reveal.